Applying Metrics to Calls-to-Action

Metrics plus calls-to-action pack a one-two punch needed to create a website or landing page that generates conversions for leads or sales. You can pump up your call-to-action buttons with metrics in a variety of ways. Some of the metrics that apply to calls-to-action are

check.png Click-through: Means how many who saw the call-to-action clicked the call-to-action. Click-through is generally measured as a percentage in most metrics/analytics programs. Comparing your percentages is a great way to compare your A/B campaign testing. It’s also a great way to compare the same call-to-action across delivery types (e-mail, landing page, on-site page, and so on).

check.png Click to Submission: Means how many people fill out your form. Generally these forms are designed to capture leads, even if those leads are signing up to get a newsletter or other reward from you. Click to Submission is also measured in percentages. You can use the percentage to track which type of marketing, such as e-mail or a social share leading to the submission request page, gets the most response.

check.png View to Submission: Measures how many people fill out a static form on your site, like the one on your ...

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