Taking Metrics to a New Level

I talk a lot about standard web metrics in this book, and future metrics are coming up in Chapter 19. In the following sections, I take a look at some up-and-coming things you can be measuring at the “new to this metrics thing” level.

Live chat and live help

tip.eps Having a live help option inside your Facebook page or on your website (or both) makes people feel at home doing business with you. People like knowing that they can connect with the folks behind the business and actually talk to a person.

You can even measure live chat and live help (see Figure 18-3). Having live chat or live help means installing a plug-in or an application (app) or coding it in, and the software companies that offer these SaaS solutions include metrics (at least, the reputable ones do).

Figure 18-3: Tracking live chat metrics.


The program you download should include a session history and IP tracking, at a minimum. (See the upcoming section for more on IP address filtering.) Then if the program’s metrics don’t go deeper, you can still use the IP tracking and session history to identify your visitors in your Analytics program and tag them to track their visits in future and see whether your session helped them.

For the live chat and live help apps that allow uploading of files ...

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