Chapter 20

Ten Rules of Social Media Optimization

In This Chapter

  • Defining effective SMO
  • Creating guidelines for your practice

Everyone loves lists of rules. How many rules are there for social media optimization (SMO)? It depends on whom you ask. I happen to think that ten meaningful rules can be extracted from the body of knowledge on SMO — ten rules with which you can achieve solid results.

I suggest to you that these rules lay a solid foundation for your social media practice and that you can use them as principles for creating an effective practice. The rules can be roughly grouped into three key areas: the approach to your constituents, the management of your practice, and the creation of appropriate content.

Be Authentic

Though these ten rules aren't arranged in any order, this one does belong at the top of the list. The number-one problem I see with social media managers worldwide is a tendency to fall into the trap of losing touch with people and simply parroting the company line. Social media is personal media — at least, it is when it's working well. If you want to create a connection with people, speak to them honestly and openly, from one person to another. You may be representing a powerful, high-profile corporation, but your audience is composed of ordinary human beings. Distance yourself from your competitors by remaining authentic and communicating with people on a personal level. Find a voice that allows you to be yourself, and you'll find the job easier and ...

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