Chapter 8Creating a Movement…Through Messaging and Action

Joe Rospars

Co-founder and CEO, Blue State Digital

The methods and approaches to today's cause activist can be tied to what occurred in 2008 and 2012 with Barack Obama's historic presidential campaigns. Individuals found themselves being hooked by emails with pithy subject lines such as “Hey there” or “I need you.” They featured videos and images, short text statements, and calls to action that were personalized beyond just using someone's named—but based on the individual's action. The emails focused on always bringing one action or ask to the next level, small act to small act. At the end, individuals couldn't help but have given large amounts of money, performed more acts than they ever imagined, and shared content they never would have had they not been led by the powerful engagement team behind Obama's digital campaign team.

That team was led in part by Joe Rospars, the co-founder and current CEO of Blue State Digital, the digital engagement agency behind Obama's successful approach. Today, Blue State Digital has done some incredible things for clients such as the NAACP and a small organization working to challenge the British National Party. The success has been remarkable as Joe and his team continue to drive people to act for social issues today. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Joe to get his thoughts on today's social movements and where he thinks companies and causes need to spend time engaging ...

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