Chapter 10Creating a Movement…a Million Supporters and Counting

Scott Harrison

Founder, charity: water

In 2004, a New York City promoter of nightclubs and events was looking for something more from life. Unfulfilled by his lifestyle, Scott Harrison went out on a journey to find his purpose. After a volunteer service trip abroad, he realized that for him, charity was important. Being charitable was an opportunity to influence, support, and help others achieve their goals.

He put his new direction and mindset into motion when he started charity: water, a humanitarian aid organization supplying water to people around the globe. charity: water now has become one of the most admired cause brands and movements in the country. Now, more than 1 million people of all ages have supported water projects through charity: water.

The success of charity: water has a lot to do with Scott's approach to the movement itself—although he wouldn't call their work a movement at all. These advocates see their work as moving people and instilling compassion and generosity. The original concept of his cause work had less to do with a focus on water and more on the concept of helping organizations get the resources they need to be successful. For the first six months, the organization was called Charity. The purpose was to help raise awareness and money for the causes that weren't getting the attention they deserved. Water would be the first cause issue to focus on and then other issues would follow. ...

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