Social Selling Mastery

Book description

A concrete framework for engaging today's buyer and building relationships

Social Selling Mastery provides a key resource for sales and marketing professionals seeking a better way to connect with today's customer. Author Jamie Shanks has personally built Social Selling solutions in nearly every industry, and in this book, he shows you how to capture the mindshare of business leadership and turn relationships into sales. The key is to reach the buyer where they're conducting due diligence—online. The challenge is then to strike the right balance, and be seen as a helpful resource that can guide the buyer toward their ideal solution. This book presents a concrete Social Selling curriculum that teaches you everything you need to know in order to leverage the new business environment into top sales figures. Beginning with the big picture and gradually honing the focus, you'll learn the techniques that will change your entire approach to the buyer.

Social Selling is not social media marketing. It's a different approach, more one-to-one rather than one-to-many. It's these personal relationships that build revenue, and this book helps you master the methods today's business demands.

  • Reach and engage customers online
  • Provide value and insight into the buying process
  • Learn more effective Social Selling tactics
  • Develop the relationships that lead to sales

Today's buyers are engaging sales professionals much later in the buying process, but 74 percent of deals go to the sales professional who was first to engage the buyer and provide helpful insight. The sales community has realized the need for change—top performers have already leveraged Social Selling as a means of engagement, but many more are stuck doing "random acts of social," unsure of how to proceed. Social Selling Mastery provides a bridge across the skills gap, with essential guidance on selling to the modern buyer.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction: The Road Map to Digital Transformation
  7. Part One: Creating a Mindset Shift for a Digital Transformation
    1. Chapter 1: Why Do I Need to Change Now, Not Tomorrow?
    2. Chapter 2: Leadership Executive Summary
    3. Chapter 3: How Do I Drive Organizational Buy-in and Accountability?
      1. Plot Your Social Selling Mastery Hierarchy of Needs
      2. Priority Assertion
    4. Chapter 4: The Three Key Leadership Roles: Sales, Marketing, and Sales Operations/Enablement
      1. Outline Roles and Responsibilities
    5. Chapter 5: Organizational Tools and Metrics for Social Selling Success
      1. Measure Behavioral Change
      2. Leading –> Current –> Lagging Indicators for Success
      3. Setting up Your Leading Indicators
      4. Set up Your Current Indicators
      5. Linkedin Sales Navigator as a Current Indicator
      6. Set up Your Lagging Indicators
  8. Part Two: Social Selling Mastery for the Sales Professional
    1. Chapter 6: Start Building a Personal Brand
      1. Enrich Skillset
      2. This Journey Begins with a New Mindset
    2. Chapter 7: Develop Buyer-Centric Profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Platforms
      1. LinkedIn Photo Showcases Trust
      2. Your LinkedIn Headline is Your Elevator Value Statement
      3. The LinkedIn Summary Completes the Story
      4. LinkedIn Recommendations Validate You're Trustworthy
    3. Chapter 8: Find: Socially Surround a Buyer and the Buying Committee
      1. Mapping Your Sales World Toward Your Social World
      2. Multiplying Find: Socially Surrounding a Buyer
      3. Tactic 1: Find Buyers' Profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google
      4. Tactic 2: Create Trigger-Based Alerts That Socially Surround Your Buyer
      5. Tactic 3: Profiling a Buyer's Sphere of Influence
    4. Chapter 9: Educate: Leveraging Content to Shape a Buyer's Journey
      1. Acquiring Insights
      2. Delivering Insights
    5. Chapter 10: Engage: Touching “Every Deal, Every Day” with Social Media
      1. Where do I Begin?
      2. Grow Your Slice of the Social-Reach Pie!
      3. Social Engagement: Your Touchpoint Cadence
      4. Map Your Touchpoint Cadence
    6. Chapter 11: Develop: Scaling Up Your Social Networks
      1. Step 1: Check Your Digital Voicemails
      2. Step 2: Check Your Content Engagement
      3. Step 3: Grow by the Power of Three
    7. Chapter 12: Create a Social Selling Routine
      1. The 30–60 Minute Daily Social Selling Routine
  9. Part Three: Building a Lead Factory with Digital Content Marketing
    1. Chapter 13: Why Does Misalignment Exist between Sales and Marketing?
      1. Exploring Sales and Marketing Misalignment
      2. Does this Problem Start with Blind Spots?
      3. How Do KPI Measurements Play with Misalignment?
      4. How Do We Change Our Mindset?
    2. Chapter 14: What Is the Current State of Your Lead Factory?
      1. Step 1: Interviewing the Sales Leader
      2. Step 2: Interview the Marketing Team
      3. Step 3: The Delta Between Perception and Reality
    3. Chapter 15: Create High-Quality, High-Quantity Content
      1. Step 1: Centralize a Buyer's Journey
      2. Step 2: Segment the Buyer's Journey into Sales-Centric Stages
      3. Step 3: Kick-start New Ideas for Insights
      4. Step 4: Develop an Insights Committee for Scale
      5. Step 5: Content Calendar
      6. Content Creation Best Practices
      7. “Turkey Slice” Your Core Content
      8. Templates: Like Punching Out Cakes
      9. Assign Tags for Each Insight Before Development
      10. Facts and Data Are the Center of the Story
      11. Create a Never-Ending Story
      12. Fuel Insights Development with ”Window Time”
    4. Chapter 16: Organize Internal Content for Easy Access by Your Sales Force
      1. Starting Your Content Organizational System
      2. Step 1: Audit Sales' Ability to Find Your Internal Library
      3. Step 2: Audit Sales' Ability to Navigate Your Internal Library
      4. Step 3: Redesign the Framework of Your Content Library Using Your Content Calendar Tags
      5. Step 4: Tags for Keyword Indexing
      6. Step 5: Leverage a Visual User-Interface to Help Contextualize the Insights for Sales
      7. Accelerating Insights with Employee Advocacy
    5. Chapter 17: Discover Inbound and Outbound Marketing Hacks to Accelerate Lead Velocity
      1. Tactic 1: Operation Land Grab
      2. Tactic 2: Event Lead Exchanges
      3. Tactic 3: Repurpose and Recycle Your Top 10 Percent
    6. Chapter 18: Evaluate Your Customer's Journey: Find the Trends and Improve Key Sales Interactions
      1. What Is the Content-Consumption Story?
      2. Go Beyond Lead Sourcing: Start Empirically Proving Lead Influence
      3. How Can Technology Play a Huge Role?
      4. What Are the Steps to Capturing a Buyer's Content-Consumption Story?
  10. Part Four: Scaling Up with Sales Operations and Sales Enablement
    1. Chapter 19: How Do We Mitigate Skill Gaps with Our New Hires?
    2. Chapter 20: Ongoing Coaching: How Do We Create a Repeatable Process?
      1. Reinforce Action
      2. How Do You Create a Reinforceble Training Program?
    3. Chapter 21: How Do We Effectively Scale a Social Selling Program Company-Wide?
      1. Amplify and Scale
      2. Returns
      3. Real-Time Dashboards for Current and Lagging Indicators
  11. Conclusion
  12. Index
  13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Social Selling Mastery
  • Author(s): Jamie Shanks
  • Release date: September 2016
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119280736