Chapter 6Start Building a Personal Brand

If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.

—Zig Ziglar

Enrich Skillset

In a survey of 300 sales professionals conducted by Feedback Systems, Sales for Life, PeopleLinx, Sandler Training, Sales Readiness Group, and VorsightBP, 72 percent of sales professionals do not feel they have a proficient social selling process.1 If you feel this is you, it's because you've never been given a clear, prescriptive process to follow. My job is to provide that clarity and distill the noise into focus.

Figure depicting three concentric circles where the innermost circle corresponds to focus and the outermost corresponds to noise. In the innermost circle is mentioned 18 essential to success, in the middle circle is mentioned 650 apply to sales, and in the outermost circle is mentioned 8,000+ social media features.

Don't be distracted by social media features, even if people have suggested that a particular one can apply to sales. I'm going to show you the routine that more than 60,000 sales professionals are leveraging each day to:

  • Open new doors more quickly and frequently.
  • Nurture their accounts to increase the velocity and probability that they win the deal.
  • Become the voice for your industry, helping you create residual opportunities you haven't seen before.

To accomplish these goals, you will be learning a four-step system that will simplify your social selling strategy. The following four steps are to leverage every deal.

Figure depicting four-step system for simplifying the social selling strategy and leveraging every deal. The steps are represented by a circle divided into four parts denoting find, educate, engage, and develop arranged clockwise.
  1. Find a buyer, his or her buying committee, and his or her buying influences, ...

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