Chapter 12Create a Social Selling Routine

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

—John C. Maxwell

Years ago when I developed the first social selling curriculum Sales for Life taught, it was really an assortment of tips, tricks, and tactics. I didn't appreciate how difficult it was for sales professionals to both digest these tips and incorporate them into their daily routine. Sales professionals, by their very nature, are extremely habitual. They will always tell you that they don't have enough time in the day, so adding something new means taking something out.

I'm far from an expert on sales process efficiency and there are many books written on the subject, so we won't dive too deeply into the subject here. In all of our routines, there is waste. We can always find time to slot in more productive tasks. What I ask is that you find 30–60 minutes each day to execute your social selling routine. You know in your heart you have that time. Give a gift to your future self and start building a social pipeline today. One year from now, you'll be amazed at the opportunities that have come your way.

The 30–60 Minute Daily Social Selling Routine

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

—Tony Robbins

Creating a social selling routine changed my life. By having every Sales for Life teammate executing his or her routine, it also changed the growth trajectory of our business ...

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