Chapter 14What Is the Current State of Your Lead Factory?

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

—William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

You and I do the same thing every January 1 as a New Year's resolution. We jump on the scales after an overindulgent holiday season and we create a new weight goal for ourselves. What is the key ingredient here in this action plan? We took a baseline measurement of our current weight. For anyone who has tried to lose weight, you know that this baseline measurement is only part of the equation, and it is your future comparable against the lagging indicator months from now. This is why Jenny Craig and other weight-loss programs have you look deeper into the numbers:

  • Calories per meal, calories consumed per day
  • Calories burned per activity per day

To millions of people around the world, weight loss is like black magic—a series of potions, spells, and rain dances to be done until one day, magically, they fit into smaller sized jeans. Our scientific mind knows, however, that it's actually simple math:


If you burn more than 500 calories than you consume in one week, you will lose one pound that week.

Rationally, you would think every weight-challenged individual would take a calorie mathematics course, and BOOM, weight issues around the world would be solved! The problem is that people get caught up in the art, not the science, of weight loss. ...

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