Chapter 15Create High-Quality, High-Quantity Content

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a solid superstructure.

—Gordon Hinckley

Everything your marketing team does digitally to support the sales force comes from a foundation. While building the foundation can be laborious and, for many advanced marketing teams, seems elementary, it's critical in building all future sales-facing programs. Don't get frustrated if you feel like you personally are taking a step backward by covering these foundational elements. I want you to remember that your sales leaders, sales professionals, sales enablement, and sales operations find everything about a digital content marketing foundation completely new to them. Alignment between sales and marketing is going to start with communicating how this foundation works and supports us all.

Your insights factory will travel from the foundations of creating insights, all the way to evaluating the engagement of these insights to make informed decisions for incremental improvement. Your insights factory has four pillars:

Figure depicting marketing code represented as four parts of a circle. Clockwise from right the parts denote create, organize, discover, and evaluate.
  1. Create a foundation for developing new insights at scale. The scaling process will accelerate depending on how much you invest in people, process, and technology.
  2. Organize insights, which need to be exposed to your buyers fast. This is only possible when you ...

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