Chapter 20Ongoing CoachingHow Do We Create a Repeatable Process?

I am still learning.

—Michelangelo at age 87

Reinforce Action

One of the hardest business routines for me to break was checking my email when I first got up in the morning. Email is such a time suck! But I couldn't help myself. I actually was cognizant of the fact that I was having a chemical reaction in my brain that made me feel like I had missed something if I didn't check my emails. It wasn't until about two years ago that I made a shift. The inception started with a simple quote I came across, but I can't remember where. The quote is: “Emails are other people's priorities, not yours.” With that simple quote, and countless other lessons from people such as Tim Ferriss, I decided to change. My first change was to replace the email checking action with an insights checking action on I would spend 5–10 minutes reading a few articles, some for self-interest and some to be shared with buyers. I would then share an insight to my LinkedIn and Twitter network before really starting my day. That was it. That was one step among other social selling steps that helped build my company. Instead of nose-diving into emails that would consume my time and alter my daily priorities, I would first serve my brain and my buyer with insights. Over time, I later evolved so my email checking routine meant I hit the inbox only three times per day:

  1. 7:30–8:30∼AM: Scan for customer emails, and make those a priority. Then clean ...

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