Chapter Twenty

Teacher and Company Resources and Exercises

Please often check for updated lesson plans, new material, videos, and recommended exercises. If you are from a company, some of the class lesson plans are applicable for your team as well. I offer some specific corporate exercises here as well.

Class Lesson Plans

1. The book has been designed with the purpose of being able to parse individual chapters according to the goal or subject matter of your class. If your class is entirely on social media and you are going to meet more than 15 times as a class, then you may cover a chapter or two each time you meet. If you aren't going to meet this often or your class is more on general marketing or general management, then you can easily select the chapters most relevant for what you want to accomplish. Since the chapters are modular in fashion, this should make things easy for you.
2. There are Key Points listed at the end of each chapter. Select one or two of the bullet points from the summary list. Have your class focus on these as they read the chapter, and ask them to select an example that they've seen in the prior week where this is being used. Have them present this example in class on-screen.
3. Have each student in class complete a social media case study with the following format: Situation > Action > Result > Learning. Suggest that the content of the case study be broken down to 10 percent for Situation, 20 percent for ...

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