Chapter 15


1. The subspecialty is called Anthropometry. In addition, anthropologists also study blood groups, fingerprints and fossil finds. These sub-specialties are called serology, dermatoglyphics and palaeontology, respectively.

2. See UNESCO statements of 1950 and 1978 at the end of this chapter.

3. The novel is titled Roots: The Saga of an American Family. First published in 1976, it was adapted into a hugely popular, 12-hour television miniseries, Roots, in 1977, and a 14-hour sequel, Roots: The Next Generations, in 1979.

4. Smelser acknowledges that his Chapter on Race, Ethnicity, and Class in the UNESCO publication titled Sociology is based on the contribution by Indian sociologist T. K. Oommen. We quote Smelser because he drafted ...

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