Analytical Table of Contents


Part I: Structure

I The Origins of SOE

Sections EH, D, and GS(R) founded, 1938; inter-departmental rivalries, overshadowed by French disaster; sections fused to form SOE, July 1940. EH separated to form PWE, 1941.

II What SOE Was

Cover; daring; range; strength. Constitutional status. MEW; CD. Country sections: DF, F, RF. Gaullist arrangements: BCRA. Council. Staff diagrams.

Relations with Foreign Office; chiefs of staff; Americans; Russians; French – EMFFI; other secret services. Location.

III Recruiting and Training

Recruiting haphazard – army cover – casualties – decorations – pay – man- and woman-power. Staff homogeneous; agents miscellaneous.

Training by subjects: preliminary, para-military, ...

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