Soft Skills for Human Centered Management and Global Sustainability

Book description

This book is part of the Human Centered Book Trilogy, the 2021 volumes of the Routledge Human Centered Management HCM Series. HCM books are pioneering transformation from the traditional humans-as-a-resource approach of the industrial past, to the humans at the center management and organizational paradigm of the 21st century. HCM is built on the talent and wellbeing of people in the workplace driving work engagement, quality standards, high performance and productivity to attain long-term organizational sustainability in the global VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment.

This book was carefully crafted by recognized international human centered scholars from four continents. Models presented bridge persistent Soft Skills gaps in management and business and particularly between education and the workforce due to excessive testing and hard/technical skills. In contrast with hard skills, Soft Skills are transferable across jobs, industries and applicable to all dimensions of life. Soft Skills are the common language of empathy, collaboration, team building, resilience and agility transforming organizations. Human and social challenges cannot be solved only with hard skills. This is a "must read Soft Skills manual" for survival and success based on attributes all human beings possess but not everybody is optimizing to excel in life and work.

This and its two complementary titles Human Centered Organizational Culture: Global Dimensions and Sensible Leadership: Human Centered, Insightful and Prudent are timely readings for leaders, managers, researchers, academics, practitioners, students and the general public responsible for organizations across industries and sectors pursuing quality standards, organizational transformation and sustainability.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Series Page
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright Page
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword by the HCM Book Series Editors
  8. Preface by the Book Editors
  9. About the Book Editors
  10. List of Contributors
  11. List of Figures
  12. List of Tables
  13. PART I: Soft Skills in Human Centered Management: Operational HCM and the Resilience–Agility Umbrella
    1. 1 Soft Skills: The Lingua Franca of Human Centered Management in the Global VUCA Environment
    2. 2 Master Soft Skills: The Resilience–Agility Umbrella (R–AU) Model
  14. PART II: Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence: Learning from Failure and Conflict Management
    1. 3 Learning from Failure: Soft Skills for Sustainability in the VUCA Environment
    2. 4 Emotions, Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management: A Conceptual Framework to Optimize Soft Skills in the Workplace
  15. PART III: Soft Skills in Education: Montessori Education for Life and Online Higher Education
    1. 5 Montessori Education: Building Life with Soft Skills for a Better Life
    2. 6 Soft Skills and Online Higher Education
  16. PART IV: Soft Skills in Healthcare: Knowledge Translation and Co-Production of Services
    1. 7 Soft Skills Effects on Knowledge Translation in Healthcare: Evidence from the Field
    2. 8 The Importance of Soft Skills in Co-Production of Healthcare Services in the Public Sector: The Oncology in Motion Experience
    3. 9 Nursing, Soft Skills and Artificial Intelligence: Robot Replacement Challenges and Care of Aging Populations
  17. PART V: Soft Skills in the Workplace: Artificial Intelligence and Gender
    1. 10 Can AI Emulate Soft Skills? The Future of Work in the Balance
    2. 11 Leadership Styles of Men and Women: Are They Different?
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Soft Skills for Human Centered Management and Global Sustainability
  • Author(s): Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Nicholas J. Beutell, Nureya Abarca, Nicolas Majluf
  • Release date: March 2021
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781000368949