Often, there is much more to professional success at a multicultural
workplace than earning a high technical degree or executing subtle
soft skills. Doing the job right is not the only thing needed to rise up
the social and corporate ladder. Check the level of cross-cultural com-
petency with the help of a questionnaire presented here. Here you will
nd a set of statements. Respond to the options a, b or c as is appli-
cable to you.
1. When socializing at a cross-cultural business party, do you prefer to
hold your wine glass in your left hand?
a. Always b. Sometimes c. Rarely
2. When receiving someone from a foreign country for the  rst time,
do you extend your glove-wearing hand for handshake?
a. Rarely b. Sometimes c. Always
3. During a business meal in a European country, do you place your
cell phone on the table?
a. Rarely b. Sometimes c. Always
4. In a professional setting in your own homeland or a foreign country,
do you take the time to read the card before thrusting it in your pock-
et or briefcase when someone gives his/her business card to you?
a. Always b. Sometimes c. Rarely
5. Do you turn o (or put in silent mode) your cell phone and beeper
before heading into any interview or business meeting?
a. Always b. Sometimes c. Rarely
6. After a job interview, regardless of whether you are still interested in
the job or not, do you follow it up with a thank-you note?
a. Always b. Sometimes c. Rarely
7. When introducing yourself at business settings, do you con ne your-
self from saying something more than just your name?
a. Depends on the situation b. Sometimes c. Rarely
8. You have a great sense of humour. Do you  nd it appropriate to use
it when working for extended hours with your team?
a. Always b. Sometimes c. Rarely
9. When meeting with people from cultures other than your own do
you feel hesitant to initiate the ice-breaking process?
a. Rarely b. Sometimes c. Always
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