10. When talking on the phone with a potential client or other business
contact, do you put them on hold while you are busy on another
phone call?
a. Rarely b. Sometimes c. Always
Count Your Score
Give 3, 2 and 1 marks respectively to your answer options a, b and c to
the above questions. Now count the total score.
Score Analysis
On the basis of your score you fall under any of the following FOUR
DIAMOND—27 and above: Your corporate etiquette and CCI are
EXCELLENT! You hardly ever face di culty in dealing with people from
any culture or background. With this quality you will see more success-
es than failures in your professional life.
GOLD—26–15: If you have scored between 26 and 15, your corporate
etiquette and CCI is good if not excellent. However, the few occasions
when you do not succeed in minding your ps and q’s indicate there is
still the growth potential in you.
SILVER—14–10: If you have scored between 14 and 10, you are mod-
erately successful in dealing with people from a di erent background
and culture. You need to brush up your etiquette and CCI.
BRASS—Less than 10: It seems you face great di culty in carrying
yourself in a desirable manner in your professional life. You are also
not comfortable in dealing with people from a di erent background
and culture. You do not need to be depressed or feel nervous with this
score or category, however. You need to seek some professional help in
this regard.
Action Points
On the basis of your score and the category you fall in, you can now
make a strategy to improve your cross-cultural competency and thus
possibilities of success at your multicultural workplace.
If you fall under the category of SILVER or BRASS, you immediately need
to start working towards strengthening your CCI.
Seek some professional help.
Participate in relevant workshops.
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