Join some  nishing school.
Read self-help books. Some such books worth reading are:
Cultural Intelligence: A Guide to Working with People from Other
Cultures by Brooks Peterson
Cross-Cultural Competence by Slawomir Magala
Complete Business Etiquette Handbook by Barbara Pachter &
Marjorie Brody
Intercultural Business Communication by Lillian H. Chaney and
Jeanette S. Martin
Cultural awareness Cultural sensitivity Cultural  exibility
Cross-cultural communication Cross-cultural intelligence
We discussed in the micro monitor caselet of Chapter 4 the role of EI
with the spotlight on the growth prospects of Rahul, Molishka and
Sushant in a BPO environment. In Chapter 9 we analysed the SI aspect
of those three individuals which served as one of the deciding factors
of their growth in the BPO sector. Here we will try to analyse the CCI as-
pect of one’s competence in the light of one’s cultural awareness, cultural
sensitivity, cultural  exibility and cross-cultural communication as the
four essential skills needed to perform optimally and succeed continu-
ously in any multicultural organization. The case in hand deals with the
competence of Rahul, Molishka and Sushant when their Gurgaon-based
BPO company, SKL, decides to select two persons as part of the Indian
team and send them to the US to work collaboratively with the American
engineers in one of the projects.
As you already know, the three individuals—Rahul, Molishka and
Sushant— had varying degrees of EI and SI, and surprisingly the degrees
of their CCI were found to be even more diverse when assessed through
internal assessment with special focus on their cultural awareness, cul-
tural sensitivity, cultural  exibility, and the quality of their cross-cultural
Rahul’s low CCI in the assessment sheet got re ected pretty evidently
mainly because of his below average EI and SI, which shadowed not
only his sharp analytical and logical ability and steel-trap focus but also
highlighted his lack of empathy and adaptability, which almost tagged
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