him as an arrogant, headstrong, over-con dent person who frequently
lost his temper and lashed out at his teammates. His cultural awareness
was quite apt due to his high IQ—he was aware of some cultural diver-
sities found around the world—but could not fare well in his cultural
sensitivity, cultural  exibility, and cross-cultural communication because
of his attitudinal reservations.
Molishka’s high CCI in the assessment sheet was mainly due to her
soft-spoken nature, willingness to learn and go-getter attitude that she
executed among her teammates and clients. These virtues worked in
her favour and undermined her shortcomings like lack of work experi-
ence, below-average assertive skills and her aversion in articulating the
not-so-pleasant messages out of the fear of being disliked by others.
Her cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural  exibility, and cross-
cultural communication, all were found quite apt because of her open
attitude and willingness to learn.
Sushants high CCI in the assessment sheet was the result of his rock-
solid EI and SI, which compensated for his mediocre technical skills which
undoubtedly were not as sharp as Rahul’s and his soft skills which were
nowhere near to Molishka’s. In fact, his high  exibility and his credibility
among his teammates made him the  rst choice of his bosses for the
US-based project. His cultural awareness was good if not excellent but
his cultural sensitivity, cultural  exibility, and cross-cultural communica-
tion, all were amazing, all because of his  exibility and people skills.
FOOD FOR T HOUGHT Success in a multicultural work environment
depends not only on your IQ-based technical skills and EI- and
SI-based so skills but also on your CCI.  is CCI of yours
needs less of your ethnocentrism and more of your empathy, which
enables you to receive, recognize, respect and reconcile with the cultural
diversities while working with people other than those from your own
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