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Software Architecture Conference - London, UK 2018

Video Description

We’ll make the Keynotes available here as soon as possible after they happen. Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

SACON London 2018 was four days of guidance, exploration, and discovery on how to become—and remain—the best software architect you can possibly be. Featuring presentations by some of the world's top software architects, systems engineers, data architects, application architects, and DevOps pros, the conference focused on the tools, techniques, and leadership skills required to succeed in the evolving discipline of software architecture. This video compilation contains the best of SACON London 2018's technical sessions, tutorials, and keynotes with hours of material to explore and absorb at your own pace.

Highlights include:

  • Best Practices sessions, including Sabre CTO Eben Hewitt on the strategic business consulting patterns (SWOT, PESTEL, Futures Funnels, etc.) top architects use to create and persuasively communicate their technology strategies; API Academy's Erik Wilde on the needs and benefits of API labeling; and the Software Improvement Group's Yiannis Kanellopoulos and Evelyn van Kelle demonstrations of why happy developers and strong feedback loops create the best products.
  • Application architecture sessions, including BBC engineering wizards David Buckhurst and Ross Wilson on how the BBC develops its smart TV platforms; Agile-transformation guru Allen Holub's exploration of choreographed microservices systems and how they eliminate the problems associated with orchestrated systems; and CA Technologies' architecture director Mike Amundsen's tutorial on building adaptable microservices that take advantage of REST's best features.
  • Enterprise application sessions, including Michael Van Kleeck (Mozilla) on how to utilize the Mozilla City Map as a blueprint for developing architectures; Marco Emrich (OWL.institute) on how to get started with event-driven architecture; and BDD/DDD expert Zsofia Herendi's (Dealogic) tutorial on the techniques (event storming, systems thinking, promise theory, etc.) successful architects use to effectively design autonomous teams and services.
  • Sessions dedicated to microservices, including CA Technologies architecture director Mike Amundsen's look at the three types of microservices (stateless, data centric, and aggregator) and when to deploy them; Maria Gomez (ThoughtWorks) on observability as the best way to maintain microservices in production; and Jim Gough (Morgan Stanley) on how to think about APIs in the context of microservices and the differences between an API gateway and a service mesh.
  • Sessions devoted to software architecture leadership, including 30 year software engineering vet Maggie Carroll (Ausley) on she succeeds at leading software architecture teams and HS2 Solutions engineering VP on the processes and strategies he deploys to shape and communicate architecture to meet the differing needs of stakeholders like dev teams, designers, and business owners.
  • Sessions on distributed systems, cloud native, integration architecture, and serverless from pros like Janet Valbuena (WiFiSPARK Ltd), John Chapin (Symphonia), Pratik Patel (TripLingo), and more.