Software Defined Networking (SDN)

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Networking is changing. Command line interface (CLI) skills are no longer the only configuration skills you need to deploy, configure, and manage networks today. Modern routers and switches support network device APIs like REST and NETCONF that allow for automated device configuration using software.

SDN controllers centralize or extend device intelligence offering better programmatic ways to automate network configuration and forwarding tables. This is an overview course geared toward those with at least CCNA level skills who want to get ready for today's world of software defined networking, NFV, network automation, and network programmability.

  • See how different vendors (Cisco, VMware, etc.) define SDN and how this affects implementation
  • Discover how SDN changes networking paradigms and affects the role of the network engineer
  • Understand how Google, Facebook, and others use SDN
  • Learn about standards and protocols such as OpenFlow, NETCONF, VXLAN, REST API, and YANG
  • See demonstrations of ODL, ONOS, RYU, and Cisco SDN controllers
  • Learn how to build your own practice SDN network
  • Gain the ability to confidently assess the network technologies you should study going forward
David Bombal (CCIE #11023 Emeritus) has taught networking courses for over 15 years. His software tools and courses have been downloaded more than 100,000 times and his YouTube videos have been viewed more than 950,000 times. David's expertise spans technologies such as VMware NSX, Cisco APIC-EM, Open vSwitch, ODL, ONOS, OpenFlow and more. He is based in Oxford, England, where he currently serves as a senior level instructor for GNS3 Technologies.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome To The Course
    2. About The Author
    3. Skills For The New Software World
  2. What Is SDN?
    1. What Is SDN?
    2. SDN Terminology
    3. Open SDN Demo Part 1
    4. Open SDN Demo Part 2
    5. NFV Part 1
    6. NFV Part 2: NFV Versus SDN
    7. NFV Part 3: NFV And SDN Demo
    8. Vendor Landscape
    9. Brief History Of SDN
    10. Open SDN
    11. Overlay SDN Solutions
    12. Whitebox Part 1: Overview
    13. Whitebox Part 2: Whitebox Options
    14. Whitebox Part 3: Which Do You Choose?
    15. Open Hardware Part 1: Overview
    16. Open Hardware Part 2: Google, LinkedIn, Azure, Facebook
    17. Open Hardware Part 3: ISP Example
    18. Network Programability
    19. DevOps Tools
    20. SDN Via APIs
    21. SDN Via Controller APIs
    22. SDN Via Policy Based APIs
    23. Cisco Examples Part 1: APIC-EM Overview
    24. Cisco Examples Part 2: APIC-EM Demo Part 1
    25. Cisco Examples Part 3: APIC-EM Demo Part 2
    26. Cisco Examples Part 4: APIC-EM Demo Part 3
    27. SDN-WAN
  3. Is SDN Real?
    1. Google Openflow And SDN Implementation
    2. Facebook
    3. The NSA
    4. Eolo - Italian ISP
    5. Cisco ACI
    6. VMware NSX
  4. Controllers Examples
    1. Controller Wars
    2. ODL Overview
    3. ONOS Part 1: ONOS SDN Controller Overview
    4. ONOS Part 2: ONOS Demo
    5. RYU Part 1: RYU Controller Overview
    6. RYU Part 2: RYU Controller Demo
    7. Commercial Controllers
    8. Open Source Controllers
    9. Cisco ACI
    10. Cisco APIC-EM
    11. Cisco Tail-f
  5. SDN Terms And Protocols
    1. Definitions Introduction
    2. Abstractions
    3. Openflow
    4. OVSDB
    5. NETCONF
    6. YANG
    7. VXLAN
    8. VTEP
    9. REST API Part 1: Overview
    10. REST API Part 2: Demo
    11. REST API Part 3: Python Script And REST API Demo
    12. BGP-LS And PCEP
  6. Suggestions For Your Home Network
    1. Options For Learning
    2. Cisco dCloud And
    3. VMware HOL
    4. Big Switch Remote Labs
    5. Cumulus Linux VX
    6. Virtual Switch Option: Mininet
    7. Physical Switch Options: Zodiac FX Or Raspberry Pi
    8. Home Lab Summary
  7. Conclusion
    1. Wrap Up And Thank You

Product information

  • Title: Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Author(s): David Bombal
  • Release date: February 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491976593