Wiley Series in Software Radio

Series Editor: Dr Walter Tuttlebee, Mobile VCE, UK

The Wiley Series in Software Radio aims to present an up-to-date and in-depth picture of the technologies, potential implementations and applications of software radio. Books in the series will reflect the strong and growing interest in this subject. The series is intended to appeal to a global industrial audience within the mobile and personal telecommunications industry, related industries such as broadcasting, satellite communications and wired telecommunications, researchers in academia and industry, and senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in computer science and electronic engineering.

Mitola: Software Radio Architecture: Object-Oriented Approaches to Wireless Systems Engineering, 0471384925, 568 Pages, October 2000

Mitola and Zvonar (Editors): Software Radio Technologies: Selected Readings: 0780360222, 496 Pages, May 2001

Tuttlebee: Software Defined Radio: Origins, Drivers and International Perspectives, 0470844647, £55, 350 pages

Tuttlebee: Software Defined Radio: Enabling Technologies, 0470843187, £55,304 pages

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