Walter has done it again. Hopefully, by now you already have a copy of Walter's 2001 text, Software Defined Radio: Origins, Drivers, and International Perspectives. What a great foundation for the serious practitioner! His latest compilation, though, is a true tour de force for those developing SDR products and systems. Somehow he coaxed the top two dozen busiest and brightest contributors to practical software radio implementations to create the chapters of this current book.

Who could write a better chapter on architecture than Stephen Blust, plank-holder of the SDR Forum and author of what we might call the SDR Magna Carta, the Software-Defined Radio RFI from BellSouth. Stephen's chapter lays out wireless architecture from the network operator's viewpoint, setting radio technology in the context of network operations. No doubt inspired by Walter's leadership, Stephen throws down the gauntlet for the other authors. Subsequent chapters flesh out the details and identify alternative implementations supportive of Stephen's architecture and technology needs.

Mark Beach, Paul Warr & John MacLeod begin the process of filling in Stephen's technology needs at the front end of the radio. Radio Frequency Translation For Software Defined Radio lays the appropriate foundation for subsequent implementation chapters, in a treatment colleagues at the University Of Bristol and around the world can be proud of. Mark Cummings, CEO of enVia, continues the treatment of the SDR front end. ...

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