Until the mid-1990's most readers would probably not have even come across the term SDR, let alone had an idea what it referred to. Since then software defined radio has made the transition from obscurity to mainstream, albeit still with many different understandings of the terms – software radio, software defined radio, software based radio, reconfigurable radio.

To a large extent this situation reflects the wide scope of both the technologies embraced and their potential implementations and applications. Thus it was, when approached to write a book for Wiley on the topic, that it was immediately apparent that a single volume would be insufficient to do the subject justice. Given this scope, and the privilege that I have had in recent years to network with many of leading global players in the field, it seemed far more appropriate to seek specific, definitive, contributions from the experts and produce an edited authoritative work, or even a series, rather than to attempt to document a more limited personal view. These busy individuals willingly and quickly embraced the concept and agreed to participate in the project - I would like to express my personal gratitude to each one of them for this willingness, and for the timeliness and quality of their contributions, which has made this work possible.

This book, the second volume edited by myself in this series, picks up where the first left off and seeks to paint an overview of the key enabling technology advances that ...

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