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2G 2nd Generation cellular mobile systems, refers to the digital systems such as GSM, DAMPS and IS-95
3G 3rd Generation cellular mobile systems, refers to the evolving UMTS, cdma2000, and TD-SCDMA standards within the ITU-R family of 3G standards
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project – see
4G Fourth Generation Wireless, often referred to as Beyond 3G, or B3G
A/D Analog-to-Digital converter
ACELP Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
ACLR Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio
ACM Adaptive Computing Machine
ACS Add-Compare-Select
ACSU Add-Compare-Select Unit
ADC Analogue-to-Digital Converter
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGU Address Generation Unit
AHB Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB), a standardized bus system for SoC, developed by ARM Ltd
AIS Air Interface Standard
AKA Authentication and Key Agreement
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
ALU-PAE XPP Element containing an ALU object
AM Amplitude Modulation
AML Application Module Library
AMPP Altera Megafunction Partners Program
AMPS American Mobile Phone Standard, a first-generation analog mobile phone standard
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate speech coder
AMR-NB ...

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