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Olga Filipova and Rui VilãoSoftware Development From A to Zhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3945-2_9

9. Maintaining and Improving Your Software

Olga Filipova1  and Rui Vilão1
Berlin, Germany

In the previous chapter we finally deployed our e-learning platform to production. Now we have it up and running on Heroku ( http://eleplatform.herokuapp.com/ ).

However, the development process is not finished yet. Actually, our journey has just begun. It’s like a baby. You plan it (or not), prepare for it, then you conceive it, then there is a long pregnancy period, during which you prepare your mind and buy all the things you need. You prepare the nursery, talk to the doctors, choose the right hospital, and make sure ...

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