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Software Configuration Management
Before I talk about Soware Conguration Management (SCM), I want read-
ers to know of my passion for being an SCM engineer. I was a soware devel-
oper early in my career and enjoyed being a soware engineer, but working
in SCM gave me such a perspective of how important it is to have soware
congured, controlled, built, and then deliver the soware to be tested and
then provide quality soware to the customer for implementation.
is chapter describes the organization of SCM and the practices applied
consistently throughout the soware lifecycle for Computer Soware
Conguration Items (CSCIs) that are developed and maintained by so-
ware programs. SCM focuses on identifying and managing changes and
maintaining the visibility of the conguration of the soware and its doc-
umentation. SCM is a cross-functional process applied over the lifecycle of
a product and provides visibility and control over the products functional
and physical attributes. SCM processes are used during all phases of so-
ware development, from soware program initiation to soware product
delivery, providing disciplines that identify the soware products, estab-
lish and control soware baselines, and document and track changes to
the soware baselines. ese SCM processes control the storage, access,
changes, archive, and release of the soware products.
SCM methods are used during soware development and maintenance of
computer soware. ere are many SCM methods used by many soware
programs worldwide. e terminology, denitions, or terms used by SCM
can be dierent, depending on the soware program with which you work.
68  •  Soware Engineering Reviews and Audits
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Examples include the following: an Engineering Review Board (ERB) is also
called an Engineering Review Board (ERB), and a Soware Change Request
(SCR) can be used on other soware programs while the term Soware
Change Request (SCR) is dened. Another denition is Version Description
Document (VDD). Another denition is the Version Description Document
(VDD). e (VDD) provides a detailed description of the soware contained
within an engineering environment, as well as soware builds, test, versions,
congurations, and le information. I have seen it throughout my 25 years
working in military and aerospace programs. It comes down to this, that
regardless of what is dened in the program or project, SCM will determine
what denitions or terms referred to while working on a soware program.
As a soware designer for many years, I was comfortable to know that my
soware design activities were important and to release my code for SCM
to congure and control, along with building my soware code changes or
updates to release for testing, validation, and delivery to my customers. ere
is more about SCM organizations that soware designers do not know. Many
soware designers feel that SCM has no understanding of soware engi-
neering; I beg to dierthere are numerous soware designers who want to
advance to the next position available, and that is SCM, Test, or SQA.
e SCM activities that follow are necessary to do the following:
Establish and maintain the (CSCI) identication process and con-
trol changes to identied soware products and their related
Record and report information needed to manage soware products
eectively, including the status of proposed changes and the imple-
mentation status of approved changes.
Maintain auditable records of all applicable soware products that
will help verify conformance to specications, interface control docu-
ments, contract requirements, and as-built soware congurations.
e SCM organization is represented within all the soware IPTs inde-
pendent of the soware design representatives. e SCM organization
is responsible for maintaining conguration control over the soware
developmental congurations and baselines, processing soware changes,

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