150  •  Appendix B: Soware Development Plan
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Table B.1 Soware Lifecycle Phase Reviews ...........................................173
Appendix B: Soware Development Plan  •  151
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is document describes the soware plan and approach for developing
the soware.
e Soware Development Plan (SDP) describes and identies the so-
ware development methodology, the organizations responsible for per-
forming the soware development and maintenance, the procedures and
activities these organizations follow, and the resources to be used for so-
ware activities. e SDP is the governing soware planning document.
B.1.1 Purpose, Scope, and Objectives
is section contains a full identication of the soware to which this
document applies, including soware end item identication information.
Any simulations or support soware items to be developed to aid in so-
ware- or system-level testing and analysis should be listed in this section.
A table may be used to list the soware end item information.
is Soware Development Plan (SDP) details the soware develop-
ment plans and procedures for both mission-critical and non-mission-
critical soware. Supplier soware development plans are derived from
this plan and comply with it. is SDP includes the management guide-
lines applied to all soware developed, tested, and maintained during the
lifecycle, including supplier and team deliverables. e soware develop-
ment methodology is used and applied for the production of the
e institutionalized and tailored process is the basis for the externally
assessed SEI-Level rating. Supplier Quality surveys suppliers as needed
to approve their quality system and to maintain approval ratings in the
Approved Supplier List. Soware Quality Engineering monitors supplier
performance, and veries that the soware quality system implemented
is eective and compliant to applicable requirements. e supplier pro-
vides evidence of CMMI appraisals and ratings as required by contract.
152  •  Appendix B: Soware Development Plan
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is SDP focuses on the set of soware engineering processes and the
work products (e.g., specications, documents, test plans, and executables)
that ow to and from the processes, to management, and eventually to the
customer. It includes the schedule and organization to implement so-
ware engineering processes. e SDP satises the requirements for the
Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) and Statement of Work (SOW).
e detailed purpose and function of the system is described in the oper-
ational concept document, or System Engineering Management Plan
(SEMP). e system consists of all of the equipment, facilities, soware,
and support functions necessary to achieve the specied mission. Other
plans describe the overall organization structure supporting the develop-
ment of the components. Organizational areas covered by plans to include
management, system engineering, hardware and soware engineering,
and engineering support, testing, and evaluation, as well as deployment
and sustaining engineering support.
B.1.2 Assumptions, Requirements, and Constraints
is section describes the assumptions on which the project is based. It
also includes any constraints on the project that aect the schedule, bud-
get, resources, process maturity level, soware to be reused, customer
soware to be incorporated, technology to be employed, and interfaces to
other products.
e system requirements are documented and owed down from
multiple sources including the System/Segment Design Document, the
Component Specications, and the System Specication.
B.1.3 Schedule, Budget, and Resource Constraints
Schedules are captured and described in Section B.2.3, Soware Schedules.
Build and release plans are developed to meet specic milestones.
B.1.4 Software Process Maturity Constraints
Soware development will apply soware engineering processes and
methods to be consistent with the Capability Maturity Model Integration
(CMMI)-SE/SW/IPPD/SS V1.2 (CMMI for Systems Engineering, Soware
Engineering, Integrated Product and Process Development, and Supplier
Sourcing) to achieve Level 3 or higher.

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