Chapter 7

Develop a Scrum Capability

A step up from Scrum at the project level, a Scrum software studio, is an established, ongoing facility in which Scrum software projects can be launched rapidly. The software studio is a new, separate organization within your larger organization. Some organizations use a studio to run all their projects. Alternatively, the studio could be a place where only projects of a certain complexity, size, or risk are undertaken. Like PRN Scrum, the studio step avoids the difficulty and potential failure of attempting enterprise-wide change.

The software studio also is known as the software factory.1 However, factory implies that repetitive, standardized, simple work is done. Software development is not repetitive, simple work.

The Studio Is a Learning Organization

Most organizations that adopt Scrum require several years to begin fully reaping the most significant benefits. At the very start, their productivity is better and the projects are more manageable than before. However, the greater benefits of quality, value, and bottom-up intelligence arrive slowly. The organization needs to systematically build on what is learned in each project. The studio is a place where knowledge for creating a sustainable advantage is rapidly amassed and benefits accrue.2

All work in the studio is based on Scrum. Each development project contributes to the knowledge, expertise, productivity, and value of all the projects that follow. As more projects are undertaken in ...

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