Chapter 16. Finalizing the Project Management Processes

In This Chapter

  • Closing your software project

  • Wrapping up loose ends

  • Remembering quality control

  • Planning for system turnover

  • Celebrating your team's success

  • Liberating your team

  • Becoming a better software project manager with your team's input

The goal of any software project is successfully building the software you've been commissioned to create. Therefore, everything you do, even at the beginning, builds toward the goal of closing the project. Setting expectations with vendors, preparing your scope management plan, and starting your lessons learned documentation — all activities you start early in the project — are things you must do to close the project. In this chapter, we discuss all the important chores and functions of closing down a successful software project. The only topic that we don't cover here is the lessons learned documentation. Never fear: Lessons learned are covered in Chapter 17.

Closing the Software Project

The end of the software project is an exciting time for the software project manager. Along with planning a festive celebration with your team, you're busy performing the actions that go with the closing process group of project management. These activities include ensuring that the appropriate stakeholders are satisfied with the final product, closing out vendor contracts, completing and distributing your lessons learned documents (see Chapter 17), performing audits, and releasing your software project team. ...

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