Internet Access

Sharing high-speed connections to the Internet is a hot application area for SOHO LANs. In homes and offices today, cable modems or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modems provide 10-Mbps Ethernet connections into the SOHO LAN. These cable modems and DSL connections do not operate at the full Ethernet 10-Mbps speed, but rather they typically provide an uplink from the SOHO LAN to the Internet at a speed of 128 to 384 Kbps and a downlink from the Internet to the SOHO LAN of 400 Kbps to 1.544 Mbps for a $49 to $99 monthly fee. The cable modem or DSL modem provides the buffering needed to match the 10-Mbps Ethernet speed to the slower speeds of the uplink and downlink to the Internet.

Internet connection sharing is accomplished in two ...

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