Appendix C

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Tom Markvart, Augustin McEvoy and Luis Castañer

ACAlternating current
A/DAnalogue to digital
AFMAtomic force microscopy
AGMAbsorbent glass mat
ARCAntireflection coating
a-SI or α-Si(Hydrogenated) amorphous silicon
AMAir mass
AOIAngle of incidence
APCVDAtmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
ATOXAtomic oxygen
BCSCBuried contact solar cell
BIPVBuilding-integrated photovoltaics
BMFTGerman Ministry of Education and Research
BOLBeginning of life
BOSBalance of system
BRBragg reflector
BSFBack-surface field
BSFRBack surface field and reflector
BSRBack surface reflector
BSTBritish standard time
CASTChinese Academy of Space Technology

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