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Solaris 10 Administration Workshop LiveLessons (Video Training): File Systems

Video Description

Solaris has always been the premier commercial operating system, and this remains the case today. Its novel features and applications (like ZFS, DTrace, and Containers) keep it at the forefront of enterprise use, and many of these features have been copied in other operating systems. This course covers Solaris 10 file system topics. It includes new issues to consider when deploying, implementing, and managing Solaris 10. This video is basically a workshop featuring instruction and practice/exploration.

This course offers intimate knowledge of the Solaris 10 file system choices and best practices surrounding Solaris 10 administration. Key topics covered include: Choosing the most appropriate file system(s);UFS / SDS; Veritas FS / VM; and in depth exloration of ZFS with examples and detailed walk throughs.