alias, unalias — Create or Remove a Pseudonym


/usr/bin/alias [alias-name[=string] ...] 
/usr/bin/unalias alias-name... 
/usr/bin/unalias -a 
alias [alias-name [def]] 
unalias alias-name
alias [-tx] [alias-name[=value]] ... 
unalias alias-name... 


The alias command enables you to define simple aliases. You specify the name you want to use as the alias and define some text that is substituted by the shell whenever that word is used as a command. For example, because one engineer so consistently mistyped the more command as moer, he created an alias so that when he typed moer, the more command was executed. You can also create aliases to simplify complicated commands. You use the unalias command to remove an ...

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