cc — C Compiler


/usr/ucb/cc [options] 


/usr/ucb/cc is the interface to the BSD Compatibility package C compiler. It is a script that looks for the link /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc to the C compiler. /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc is available only with the SPROcc package, whose default location is /opt/SUNWspro. /usr/ucb/cc is identical to /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc, except that it uses BSD headers and links BSD libraries before base libraries. The /opt/SUNWspro/man/man1/acc.1 manual page is available only with the SPROcc package.


/usr/ucb/cc accepts the same options as /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc, with the exceptions noted below.

-Idir Search dir for included files whose names do not begin with a slash (/) before searching the usual directories. ...

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