deroff — Remove nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn Constructs


/usr/bin/deroff [-m [m | s | l][-w][-i][filename...] 


deroff reads each of the file names in sequence; it removes all troff(1) requests, macro calls, backslash constructs, eqn(1) constructs (between .EQ and .EN lines and between delimiters), and tbl(1) descriptions, perhaps replacing them with white space (blanks and blank lines). Then, deroff writes the remainder of the file on the standard output. deroff follows chains of included files (.so and .nx troff commands); if a file has already been included, a .so naming that file is ignored and a .nx naming that file terminates execution.

If you specify no input file, deroff reads the standard input.


deroff is not ...

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