genmsg — Generate a Message Source File by Extracting Messages from Source Files


/usr/bin/genmsg [-abdfrntx][-c message-tag] [-g project-file] 
  [-l project-file][-m prefix][-M suffix] 
  [-o message-file][-p preprocessor][-s set-tags] file... 


genmsg extracts message strings with calls to catgets(3C) from source files and writes them in a format suitable for input to gencat(1).


genmsg reads one or more input files and, by default, generates a message source file whose name is composed of the first input file name with a .msg suffix. If you specify the -o option, genmsg uses the option argument for its output file.

Command Output File
genmsg prog.c prog.c.msg
gensmg main.c util.c tool.c main.c.msg
genmsg -o prog.msg ...

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