ipcrm — Remove a Message Queue, Semaphor Set, or Shared Memory ID


/usr/bin/ipcrm [-m shmid][-q msqid][-s semid][-M shmkey][-Q msgkey] 
  [-S semkey] 


ipcrm removes one or more messages, semaphores, or shared memory identifiers.

If you specify either the -C or -N flag, the real and effective UID/GID is set to the real UID/GID of the user invoking ipcs.


Things can change while ipcs is running; the information it gives is guaranteed to be accurate only when it was retrieved.


-m shmid Remove the shared memory identifier shmid from the system. Destroy the shared memory segment and data structure associated with it after the last detach.
-q msqid Remove the message queue identifier msqid from the system and destroy ...

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