javah — C Header and Stub File Generator


/usr/java/bin/javah [-classpath path][-d directory][-help] [-jni] 
  [-o outputfile][-stubs][-td directory] [-trace][-v][-version] 
  classname. . . 
/usr/java/bin/javah_g [-classpath path][-d directory][-help][-jni] 
  [-o outputfile] [-stubs][-td directory] [-trace][-v][-version] 
  classname. . . 


The javah command generates the C header and source files that are needed to implement native methods. The generated header and source files are used by C programs to reference instance variables of an object from native source code. The .h file contains a structure definition whose layout parallels that of the corresponding class. The fields in the structure correspond to instance variables in ...

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