pkginfo — Display Software Package Information


/usr/bin/pkginfo [-q | -x | -l][-p | -i][-r][-a arch][-v version] 
  [-c category...][pkginst...] 
/usr/bin/pkginfo [-d device][-R root-path][-q | -x | -l][-a arch] 
  [-v version] [-c category...][pkginst...] 


Use the pkginfo command to check which packages are installed on a system (with the first synopsis). By default, pkginfo displays information about currently installed packages. You can also use the pkginfo command to display packages that are on mounted distribution media or that reside in a particular directory (with the second synopsis).

Without options, pkginfo lists the primary category, package instance, and the names of all completely installed and partially installed ...

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