pkgproto — Generate Prototype File Entries for Input to pkgmk Command


/usr/bin/pkgproto [-i][-c class][path1] 
/usr/bin/pkgproto [-i][-c class][path1=path2...] 


The pkgproto command scans the indicated paths and generates prototype(4) file entries that can be used as input to the pkgmk(1) command.

If you specify no paths on the command line, standard input is assumed to be a list of paths. If the path name listed on the command line is a directory, the contents of the directory are searched. However, if input is read from the standard input, a directory specified as a path name is not searched.

By default, pkgproto creates symbolic link entries for any symbolic link encountered (ftype=s). When you use the -i option,

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