afbconfig, SUNWafb_config — Configure the AFB Graphics Accelerator


/usr/sbin/afbconfig [-dev device-filename][-res video-mode [now | try]
  [noconfirm | nocheck]][-file machine | system][-deflinear true |
  false][-defoverlay true | false][-overlayorder first | last]
  [expvis enable | disable] [-sov enable | disable] [-maxwinds n]
  [-extovl enable | disable] [-g gamma-correction-value][-gfile
  gamma-correction-file][-linearorder first | last][-propt][-prconf]
/usr/sbin/afbconfig [-propt] [-prconf]
/usr/sbin/afbconfig [-help] [-res ?]


The afbconfig command is new in the Solaris 8 release. Use it to configure the AFB Graphics ...

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