fsck — Check and Repair File Systems


/usr/sbin/fsck [-F FSType][-m][-V][special...]
/usr/sbin/fsck [-F FSType][-n | N | y | Y][-V]
  [-o FSType-specific-options][special...]


File systems rely on an internal set of tables to keep track of inodes and used and available blocks. When these internal tables are not properly synchronized with data on a disk, inconsistencies result and file systems need to be repaired.

File systems can be damaged or become inconsistent because of abrupt termination of the operating system in the following ways.

  • Power failure.

  • Accidental unplugging of the system.

  • Turning off the system without proper shutdown procedure.

  • A software error in the kernel.

File-system corruption, though serious, is not common. ...

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