ldapclient, ldap_gen_profile — Initialize LDAP Client Machine or Create an LDIF of an LDAP Client Profile


/usr/sbin/ldapclient [-v] -P profile-name [-d domainname]
/usr/sbin/ldapclient -i | -m [-O][-v][-a none | simple | cram_md5]
  [-b baseDN][-B alternate-search-dn][-d domainname][-D Bind-DN]
  [-e client-TTL][-o timeout-value][-p server-preference]
  [-r follow-referrals][-w client-password] LDAP-server-addr...
/usr/sbin/ldapclient -l
/usr/sbin/ldapclient -u [-v]
/usr/sbin/ldap_gen_profile -P profile-name [-O][-a none | simple |
  cram_md5][-b baseDN][-B alternate-search-dn][-d domainname]
  [-D Bind-DN][-e client-TTL][-o 

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