nisclient — Initialize NIS+ Credentials for NIS+ Principals


/usr/lib/nis/nisclient -c [-x][-o][-v][-l network-passwd]
  [-d NIS+-domain] client-name...
/usr/lib/nis/nisclient -i [-x][-v] -h NIS+-server-host
  [-an NIS+-server-addr][-k key-domain][-d NIS+-domain][-S 0 | 2]
/usr/lib/nis/nisclient -u [-x][-v]
/usr/lib/nis/nisclient -r [-x]


Use the nisclient command in the following ways.

  • To create NIS+ credentials for hosts and users.

  • To initialize NIS+ hosts and users.

  • To restore the network service environment.

NIS+ credentials provide authentication information of NIS+ clients to NIS+ service.

Creating NIS+ Credentials for Hosts and Users

Use the first synopsis (-c) to create individual NIS+ credentials for hosts or users. You ...

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