nisrestore — Restore NIS+ Directory Backup


/usr/sbin/nisrestore [-fv] backup-dir directory...
/usr/sbin/nisrestore [-fv] -a backup-dir
/usr/sbin/nisrestore -t backup-dir


Use the nisrestore command to restore an existing backup of an NIS+ directory object that was created with nisbackup(1M). The backup-dir is the UNIX directory that contains the NIS+ backup on the server being restored. You can use the nisrestore command to restore an NIS+ directory object or a complete NIS+ database. You can also use it as an "out of band" fast replication for a new replica server being initialized.


You must stop the rpc.nisd(1M) daemon before running nisrestore.

Use the first synopsis to restore a single directory object or a specified ...

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