psrset — Create and Manage Processor Sets


/usr/sbin/psrset -c [processor-id...]
/usr/sbin/psrset -d processor-set-id
/usr/sbin/psrset -a processor-set-id
/usr/sbin/psrset -r processor-id...
/usr/sbin/psrset -p [processor-id...]
/usr/sbin/psrset -b processor-set-id
/usr/sbin/psrset -u pid...
/usr/sbin/psrset -e processor-set-id
						command [argument(s)]
/usr/sbin/psrset -f processor-set-id
/usr/sbin/psrset -n processor-set-id
/usr/sbin/psrset -q [pid...]
/usr/sbin/psrset [-i][processor-set-id...]


Use the psrset command to control the management of processor sets. Processor sets enable the binding of processes to groups of processors, instead of just a single processor. Processor sets are of two types. ...

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