patchadd — Apply a Patch Package to a Solaris System


/usr/sbin/patchadd [-d][-u][-B backout-dir][C net-install-image |
  -R client-root-path | -S service] patch
/usr/sbin/patchadd [-d][-u][-B backout-dir][C net-install-image |
  -R client-root-path | -S service] -M patch-dir | patch-id... |
/usr/sbin/patchadd [-C net-install-image | -R client-root-path |
  -S service] -p


Use the patchadd command to apply a patch package to a Solaris 2 or compatible version system. You cannot use this patch installation command to apply Solaris 1 patches. You must run patchadd as root.

When you install a patch, the patchadd command copies files from the patch directory to a local system disk. The patchadd command does the ...

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