ping — Send ICMP (ICMP6) ECHO_REQUEST Packets to Network Hosts


/usr/sbin/ping host [timeout]
/usr/sbin/ping -s [-l | -U][-adlLnrRv][-A addr-family]
  [-c traffic-class][-g gateway...][-F flow-label]
  [-i interface-address][-I interval][-p port][-P tos][-t ttl] host


The ping command has been revised in the Solaris 8 release to add IPv6 functionality. Use the ping command to determine whether a remote system is accessible on the network. The ping command uses the ICMP (ICMP6 in IPv6) protocol's ECHO_REQUEST datagram to elicit an ICMP or ICMP6 ECHO_RESPONSE from the specified host or network gateway. If host ...

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