sacadm — Service Access Controller Administration


sacadm -a -p pmtag -t type -c cmd -v ver [-f dx][-n count]
  [-y comment][-z script]
sacadm -r -p pmtag
sacadm -s -p pmtag
sacadm -k -p pmtag
sacadm -e -p pmtag
sacadm -d -p pmtag
sacadm -l [-p pmtag | -t type]
sacadm -L [-p pmtag | -t type]
sacadm -g -p pmtag [-z script]
sacadm -G [-z script]
sacadm -x [-p pmtag]


Use the sacadm command to administer the upper level of the Service Access Facility hierarchy (port monitor administration). sacadm performs the following functions.

  • Adds or removes a port monitor.

  • Starts or stops a port monitor.

  • Enables or disables a port monitor.

  • Installs or replaces a per-system configuration script.

  • Installs or replaces a per-port monitor configuration ...

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